If you are reading this, I sure hope it makes you realize how much everything in life is possible…

In the couple of days I’ve talked about a big announcement on my personal page, something I wanted to share with you guys…

I’m starting over my coaching adventure!

What? What are you talking about? Yup! That’s it!

In the past 7 years of my life, I was on the run! In between Quebec, France and Sri Lanka, seasons went on and I fell several time, hurting myself, feeling very low… but I’ve always manage to get back on my feet. I had WOW moments, even magical ones, but I also had really rough time, not easy at all. A separation, professional deceptions, lots of deep questions arising within making me feel bothered and not so happy I must admit… During this lap of time where I was not at my best, instead of reaching out, I thought it would be simpler to keep it for myself, as if suffering in silence was easier… I was wrong. But we learn from our mistake right?


While getting older, I get to know myself better. Throughout everyday life’s experiences, I realize that what’s best for me, what grounds me the most and help me to see things in a positive way is working out; the benefits from a healthy routine, yoga & meditation, but more especially to share with others, create bonds, link. Sharing my good stuff but also the not so good as well… This has made me realize throughout time that we all go through these phase, these ups and downs, and we are stronger together, you are not alone!


Eat well (without depriving myself and with no food disorders)

Be active everyday from my place (and god knows how many places I called home in the last couple of years!) Workout, practice Yoga & meditation…

But most important…

Share with others, create a community of people like me, who wants to heal, be happy again and fulfilled, no matter what’s your current lifestyle.

For those of you who were already following me on FIT GREEN LOVE, I would like to invite you to like my new coaching page

Stéfani Gagné –  Nomad Lifestyle

Stay tuned if you want to be inspire, if you want to take part in this amazing wellness journey! I wish you a very nice day, where ever you are

And I’d like to thank you for reading this far; it definitely makes a huge difference for me!


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