YOGA LOVE, it’s when a women from Quebec, Canada met with yoga… Over 17 years ago!

It’s a powerful transformation arising from this new lifestyle of hers with yoga by her side… Making everything possible, giving her the will to change how she see things, how she acts, how she lives… It’s an opportunity to change completely.

It’s a love story between this woman from the 21st century and her body; her hearth, and her whole being. It’s her personal growth on the path of love and self acceptance, but mostly, it’s a passion for wellness and a strong desire to share with as many people as possible the experience of her very own lifestyle.

Learn to know yourself, and embrace who you are, through love and sharing, openness, and magnificence!

The association was founded back in 2013; offering yoga class in Alpe d’Huez during the winter and in Sri Lanka during the summer. In between the snowy summits of the French Alps and the Indian Ocean!

Private and collective sessions, workshops and yoga retreats are happening all year round!

Enthusiast, Stephanie wishes to share her passion for health and wellness through her yoga and meditation classes; always sharing and caring <3

Go in your hearth, and acknowledge that this is where you belong » Sri Om Anandamayi

Peace, love & Yoga

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